We all tell ourselves a unique story about who we are. Parts of this story have been written by others, some derive from our own experiences and many are expressions of our values and beliefs. Combined, a coherent story emerges that allows us to make sense of the world and our place within it.

This story about who you are can be a source of strength and happiness, as well as the origin of the pain, doubt, and fear you might experience. But it also outlines the borders of your world. Limiting what you can experience in this life to the confines of your story.

But what if you could experience the world around you from a different perspective, through a different story? What if you could experience how it feels to let go of the values and experiences that define who you are? If you could explore territories of your personality that you didn’t even know exist?

If you dare to get involved in a unique exploration of your personality, we can guide you into uncharted territory and help you expand your personal horizon. 


Depending on the stage of your personal journey, we offer different formats to guide you in your personal development:

The Gathering

What if you could become the person you want to be by altering the story you tell yourself?

It's difficult to change who we are in our busy day to day lives. And it's not just a matter of reflection and conviction. Change takes practice. And a safe space for exploration. For this purpose, we've created this unique event series. 


The Experience

What is it that you cannot see about yourself? Understanding the various facets and blind spots of your personality are necessary to take ownership of who you are. And ultimately, of who you want to be. 

We create personalized immersive experiences for selected clients that have outgrown the common forms of self-awareness and transformation practice like coaching, therapy, meditation practices, etc. 


The Coaching

How do you even start exploring other facets of your character? How do you actively work on becoming who you want to be? Our 1:1 coaching is offered in combination with the other formats and is tailored to assist people in their personal exploration and transformation journey. 


We believe change starts with self-responsibility. 
We are a team of psychologists, executive coaches, and passionate role-players. After years of practice and personal explorations, we’ve realized that transformational role-play has the power to help people grow, take ownership of their lives and become more mature and interesting personalities. Therefore, we aim to bring the best of two worlds together and create immersive role-play experiences designed for personal transformation.
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